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Interior Design Company Idbox Pte Ltd was established in year 2002 in Singapore founded by Mr. Miyata and was awarded as one of the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in year 2011. Mr. Miyata, who originated from Kyushu, Japan, who equipped with great passion in interior design and to visualize his personal design capacity to levitate the standard of commercial space design. Mr. Miyata established Idbox as a Singapore based interior design consultancy firm with the forethought of integrating and transforming Japanese traditional Interior Design concept into current Interior Design trend aesthetically for restaurant design, shop design and store design, retail design, commercial design, and show flats. Idbox has design and build a series chain of Retail, Shop, and F&B outlets through client’s strong recommendations. Our utmost focus is to meet our value client’s functional needs and aesthetic expectation with a “WOW” factor in mind.

Above all, Idbox are committed and dedicated to the strong belief that there is no better achievement than having a “well served” Client.

Idbox’s Vision
Our vision is to invest in people and to create a one-stop solution provider for interior design and project management services together providing an innovative and creative ideas to achieve and deliver the ultimate results for our Clients.

Idbox’s ビジョン

About Design Company Idbox in Singapore


Idbox’s Mission
Our mission is to understand our Client’s functional needs and to deliver End results that “no better achievement than having a well served client”.

Idbox’s ミッション

Interior Design Company Idbox


Idboxのサービス Idbox’s Services
インテリアデザイン Interior design
店舗デザイン Store and restaurant design
設計施工 Design and construction
内装工事 Carpentry work
デザイン会社 Design company
工事会社 Construction company
IDBOX Assurance
Idbox Design Company Achievement | Singapore 2011 Outstanding Enterprise Idbox Design Company Assurance | DAS Certification Idbox Design Company Achievement | Singapore 2010 Successful Entrepreneur Idbox Design Company Assurance | BizSafe level 3


For more information About us IDBOX, you can contact us at +65 6338 8969 or by email enquiry@idbox.com.sg.